I have worked as a graphic artist since 1990. I learned mechanical paste-up and the (then) new world of desktop publishing on the job with Ghostwriters Inc., in Ithaca, NY, a husband-and-wife team who hired me on the basis of my amateur illustration portfolio.

After working for Ghostwriters for a couple of years I launched my freelance business, Wisteria Graphics, in 1992 and created illustrations and layouts for books, catalogs, print ads, magazines, flyers, and newsletters for a wide variety of local clients, from work-at-home caterers to colleges. My regular and repeat clients included Ithaca College (NY), the Countryman Press (Vermont), and Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga BOCES (NY). For 3 years I taught desktop publishing at T-S-T BOCES for the Continuing Education department.

In 1997 I turned my creative energy to music, and for the next several years I recorded CDs and gigged in the Northeast US and beyond. I loved being able to design and write my own marketing materials — from CD packaging to press releases — keeping my design chops in shape. Making and marketing my own CDs and website have given me a thorough knowledge of the process of bringing a project from conception to completion. And being a DIY recording artist and musician gives me a deeper understanding of the needs of sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, small business and creative professionals.

After 20 years on my own, I re-entered the mainstream work world in 2008, first as Marketing Coordinator for a large real estate company, followed by Office and Marketing Manager for a busy photography studio, administrative support for the Chamber of Commerce, and currently as a writer/designer for the Cornell University College of Architecture, Art and Planning.

Art and music are at the heart of my creative sensibilities, one informing the other. My writing blog is swaytothis, and my music website is pattiwitten.com.

Services Offered
  • Graphic Design
  • Blog-based Websites
  • Social Media and Blogging
  • Photography
  • Digital Retouching and Photo Editing
  • Video editing
  • Stock Photos

Equipment and Software:

  • Adobe CC and more
  • Continuous backup to a 250 GB external HD
  • Nikon P510 with HD video

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Patti,

    Just want to let you know how much I love your music. You are one of the few artists that really reaches into my soul – your music is medicine to me. I don’t even know where I first heard ‘Level Green Boys,’ but last year I was falling in love with a guy in NYC, and we were sharing music and he played me LGB, and said ‘This is one of the most healing songs I’ve ever heard’ and I was like, ‘OMG! I love that song too!’ so it was nice to share the specialness of it with someone. Sadly, the relationship didn’t work out…dude chickened out when i brought up the ‘c’ word (commitment) – even now, I think it a small tragedy that he didn’t seem to realize the rare significance of our connection, part of which was our shared love of your music!

    Anyway, it’s a gloomy Sunday in Vancouver, BC, and I’m listening to you, and thought I’d send you a note. Thanks for your music. You’re a great singer, a great writer, and a great musician.

    Much appreciation,

    Sam Parton

    • Hi Sam,
      So nice of you to write and tell me about your LGB story. Interesting that your then-BF heard it as a “healing” song; well, I guess it is 🙂
      Boys! what can you do with them except write songs about them?
      Wishing you all good things.
      xxoo Patti

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