Joni Mitchell Tribute 2019

The latest Joni Mitchell Tribute concert poster for the show on March 9, 2019, in Ithaca, NY, raising money for the Community School of Music and Art.

The photo is by Mark Hanauer.

woman wearing a blue dress on a pink background plays a guitar, text reads Joni Mitchell Tribute

Joni Mitchell Tribute concert poster for CSMA Ithaca, NY, March 9, 2019. Design by Patti Witten. Photo © Mark Hanauer.

Performing this year:

Joseph Gaylord with Sera Smolen

Mary Bentley with Sera Smolen and Michael Wellen

Colleen Kattau with Rich DePaolo, Mike Brandt, and Michael Wellen

Rich DePaolo

Lorraine Bates

Alison Wahl

Mike Allinger

Diana Leigh with Jesse Collins

Ed Cohn

Margaret Wakeley with Molly MacMillan

Alice Saltonstall with Molly MacMillan

Molly MacMillan with Alice Saltonstall, Chris Gibbons, Rick Huyge, and Michael Wellen


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