Paper Kisses


Paper Kisses Cover (in progress)

Paper Kisses Layout (in progress)

Paper Kisses is the forthcoming CD from Tom Mank & Sera Smolen, produced by Julie Last. Tom and Sera are not only music colleagues and clients but also good friends. This is the 4th project we have worked on together. Sera and poet Susan Hoover hired me to design their forthcoming CD, Xerox The Clouds (see the post).

Tom and Sera chose the “Green” 6-panel Wallet package from I like this package — no plastic. The CD slips into a die cut sleeve instead of sitting in a plastic tray. I have designed many CDs with Oasis templates. What a great company! The have lots of choices and layout templates come in various formats. I am using the InDesign format. The cover and fountain pen images were sourced from Shutterstock, an economical and easy to use stock photo and image site.

The stock images and photos are first adjusted and prepped in Photoshop then placed in the IDD layout as CMYK jpgs. The text is in Calibri font, except the back panel and spine, which are good old Courier. I used the calligraphic style ChatoBand for the title and monospaced, typewriter style Courier as a complement to it, in keeping with the title song about love letters. I like to get my fonts from

I am making pdf proofs to show the client. IDD makes it easy to export the file to pdf format.

This is a fun project and it’s going quickly. What a pleasure to work with such great clients!


3 thoughts on “Paper Kisses

  1. On March 4 the “Paper Kisses” files were finalized and uploaded to the manufacturer, Oasis CD ( The CD release party is set for March 28, Tom’s birthday. I’m really looking forward to it! Everyone who worked on the project is invited, and I already know that parties at Tom and Sera’s are filled with good company and music.

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