Mock-Ups Give Clients Perspective

Proofs from the layouts are fine but it helps some clients to see digital mock-ups of the finished CD packaging. I create Perspective Mock-ups in Photoshop.

First, I open the layout and grab screenshots of the front cover, back cover, and insert sides, then open these in Photoshop. Next I duplicate these on new layers of  a photo of the jewel case, disc, traycard and insert, which I’ve also opened in Photoshop. Then, using Edit  –> Transform –> Distort, I layer and fit the screenshots of the cover, back and inserts over the photo. I mask areas and add drop shadow to create depth. After flattening the layers I save the composite as a pdf, and I’ve got a very accurate representation of the finished product, that can be emailed to the client.

Front of CD, Disc and Insert


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