Blank Books made from Album Covers

Blank Books made from Album Covers

I make blank books using repurposed and recycled paper and old LPs found at flea markets, yard sales and even in my own collection. This one was made from the Ray Charles album, ‘Tell The Truth,‘ a 16-track anthology of the Atlantic years, 1953-1959. In making books like this one, I always use both the front and back of the album, sometimes selecting special finishes or patterns for endpapers. I have made books from Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Sounds of Silence,’ Carole King’s ‘Tapestry,’ and even a K-Tel anthology circa 1970!

‘Tell The Truth’ is a concept I have taken to heart in writing and especially songwriting. Both of my favorite teachers, Rosanne Cash and Teddy Thompson, have started their songwriting classes with this overarching principle. So it was very fitting that I made this book for myself.

Which album cover would you like to see used for a blank book?


2 thoughts on “Blank Books made from Album Covers

  1. Hi! I saw some album cover blank books at a craft fair a few years ago and I’ve been collecting worthy covers ever since. I’m ready to start making blank books with them but I’m not sure how to start. Do you have your own punch for cutting the paper and covers or do you take your materials to the equivalent of a Kinko’s?

    I love your Ray Charles book.


    • Hi! I use a Zutter bind it all system. Fun and easy to use. You can find them on the web. Found some great covers at a flea market the other day and looking forward to making the books. Cheers,

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