Joni Mitchell Tribute Concert – poster design

Poster: Joni Mitchell Tribute Night 2012

Joni Mitchell Tribute Night 2012

Once again I have had the pleasure and privilege of designing a poster for the annual Joni Mitchell Tribute Concert, a benefit for the Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA) scholarship program, in Ithaca NY. As a Joni fan, songwriter and musician myself, this is a distinct pleasure.

Thanks to CSMA Board member Joe Gaylord, who works tirelessly to organize and promote the event. He is also a songwriter, musician and good friend.

The performers this year are …

Amelia Burns

Joe Gaylord

Colleen Kattau & Some Guys

Jody Kessler

Ron Kristy

Erika Lundahl

Susan Lytle

Sue Tierney McNamara

Eric Miller & Christine Evans

New Roots Chorus

Tom Peters & Ben Wells

Susan Terwilliger

Maggie Whitehead


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3 thoughts on “Joni Mitchell Tribute Concert – poster design

  1. Hi,

    The poster is so beautiful and the New Roots Charter School Chorus is excited about participating. Is it too late to alter the poster to include our full name?

    Looking forward to the show,

    Sarah Rubenstein-Gillis
    Director, Community Programs
    New Roots Charter School

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the kind words … I am very sorry but the deadline has passed 😦 I guess there was a communication problem; I was told “New Roots Chorus.” I’m sorry about that. Hopefully that will not affect your enthusiasm! It’s going to be a wonderful show. Thanks for participating.


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